Healthy Valentine Treats!

Well, I for one, am obsessed with those yummy, chocolate covered cherries with the rum syrup inside. However, my body doesn’t always like these delectable treats. Good news! I found these yummy “truffle” alternatives from Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes Monarch.

YUM BALLS – soy free, gluten free, and full of cacao goodness… Recipe is below pic!


a food processor and your hands – I bet you can even mix these in just a bowl too.

Ingredients: Yes – there are a lot, but all you do is add them to the food processor and mix them up!

24 oz. almond “flour/meal” (just ground up almonds which you can do in the food processor. They also sell this at Trader Joe’s stores in the US)
4-5 TBSP coconut sugar
1 1/2 TBSP Maca powder
7-8 TBSP Raw cacao or carob powder
teeny bit of salt (less than a pinch)
1 TBSP vanilla powder – or 2 TBSP vanilla extract
5-6 drops of a flavored extract if you want to play around with it
Coconut water

3 simple steps:
1. Mix all the ingredients together in the processor or bowl and check for flavor

2. with the food processor running, – add small amounts of coconut water SLOWLY – it should be a bread dough consistency – a little bit sticky, but will form balls easily.

3. take a spoonful of “dough” into your hands and roll between them into a ball shape, then roll the balls into fresh coconut shavings if you want to and Voila! Your’e finished!

This recipe makes about 24-30 pieces, more or less depending on the size you make the balls…
don’t forget to lick the dough off your hands once you’re finished rolling- mmmm- add to the experience!

on a side note – Maca powder adds a nice flavor to the recipe and also is an herb that is chock full of protein and has essential minerals and vitamins that are good for your body, in particular the endocrine and reproductive systems


2 thoughts on “Healthy Valentine Treats!

  1. These look delectable. Just one thing though the professor doesn’t like chocolate.. Oh, no are you terribly offended by this? So many are when there’s the mere mention of it. The professor does like Tiramisu, so is there hope?

    • Hi Prof! No offense taken by me at all, one of my favorite Chicago chefs doesn’t like chocolate either! You can make them just vanilla or coconut flavored – omit the cacao, add coconut flakes to the mix instead of rolling them in it. AND – Tiramisu is delicious, so there is hope yet!:)

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